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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello From Prague

If you are like most people, you've heard of Prague but don't know what country it is in
and more thank likely you don't know where to find it on a map.
That's okay, Mr. Google can help.
We are here...
See me down there waving 'Hi'.

I discovered Etsy about a year ago while I was planning my wedding. I ran across it after some other brides were raving about all the cool accessories and paper stuff they picked up. I instantly fell in love. 
After the wedding, my husband and I moved to Prague for his work. I ended up (re)learning my old hobby of working with beads. I had a lot of positive feedback from a few people so I then decided to use my hobby to make a few extra bucks on etsy. 
If I knew that etsy was such a great community for artisans that enjoyed helping each other and sharing their work, I would of opened a shop a long time ago. These artists are ALL OVER THE WORLD, including...wait for guessed it, here in Prague. 
A recent Etsy World Wide Party brought them all out to meet here. I couldn't make it since I had hubby's family visiting from the states, but I know good things came out of that meeting.
A group has been started, Creative Prague, on Facebook. I urge you to join and take a look around at some of the great stuff our artist have to offer here. 
Prague is such a beautiful city and so inspiring with its old architecture, flowers, and statues, that you can't help to create something, be a piece of art, a story, a poem, or even be inspired to create the ultimate 'must wear' summer clothing.

Take a walk with me through Prague (via etsy) and see what our local artists have to show you. 

Courtesy of mairidesign
I love Sun Catchers. I wish I had a back yard to hang them. When I was younger there used to be this kit that you would buy that let you paint your own sun catchers. We had like 100 of those at home. I still love the way they pick up the late and splash color all over. Each design is made by MaireDesign and can't be found anywhere else! Check out her shop and drop off some loving. 

Courtesy of Fanaberia
YES, YES, A MILLION TIME YES! I had seen these a few days ago and it was instant love. If it wasn't for the fact that my mother in law bought me a shawl during one of our travels a couple of days ago (THANK YOU ROXS), I would of picked this up in a heart beat. The shop is full of lace and handspun wool. Very eco-friendly! The added bonus is that repeat customers get to make their next purchase at 50% off. WOW!
Beautiful stuff Fanaberia, simply beautiful. 

Courtesy of dagamara
So much beauty in this shop that I really had a hard time which one I wanted to feature. Wow, just, wow. So much talent in such a small city. So much detail goes into each piece. Can you believe the artist paints each piece by hand. Not only are you getting an incredible item, but you will have something no one else will have. This is truly a labor of love. I could stare at each item for hours. It's amazing, just amazing!

Here are a few more items from artists here in Prague. Click on the picture and it will lead you to their shops:
Original painting 35x25 Talk with a kite by Tiko
By: tikoart

Hand painted silk scarf - Spiral pattern in pink

Blue Circles / Embroidered Bag

Felted earrings Candy

There are so many astounding artists here in Prague. Visit Creative Prague on Facebook. Join us and share in the beauty. Each item listed above has their etsy shop listed underneath. Pop in and say 'hi', we like to hear that :)

Here is a quick link from etsy to Prague artists:

Thank you for joining me. Next time we are doing Vintage....yeeeaaaahhh! 


  1. Thank you everyone for letting me share you.

  2. Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I've ever visited. I'm not surprised there are such talented artists residing there!
    Very nice post. :)